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(Where could you meet her / him)


Pavel Hejrovský 1960's Praha, Heidelberg, Zürich, Frankfurt am Main, Vancouver;
ČVUT, ABB, ETH, Hejrovský & Co. Consulting, Global marketing, Deloitte Consulting
Luděk Hejrovský 1960's Praha, Paris, Portugal; ČVUT, Albion, Altus, Aldor *
Dagmar Hejrovská 1970's Praha, York, Brussels; ČZU, SZIF  
Jana Anežka Hejrovská (Křížová) 1960's Praha, Schwalbach, Vancouver
Luděk Hejrovský 1930's Praha, Rokycany *
Marie Hejrovská 1930's Praha, Příbram *
František Hejrovský 1930's Praha, Rokycany  
Vlasta Hejrovská 1930's Praha, Rokycany *

* These contacts are hidden. Send an e-mail to the 'ContactMe' address with the recipient in the Subject line. This e-mail will be forwarded to the respective recipient.(Scripts need to be enabled for displaying the e-mail addresses.)

The primary goal of this site is to give a chance to anyone looking in the today's world of SPAM (which forces even the "for all your life" stable  e-mail addresses to change) for a lost contact to some member of the family Hejrovsky/Heyrovsky.

Unlike an e-mail address, a web-site cannot be flooded by SPAM, thus it can be widely published to make it  easy to find by a simple web-search. The e-mail links on a web-site can be then coded in such a way, that they cannot be easily grabbed by the sniffing robots of SPAMers. Unlike big e-mail address databases, a small family site is not worth of effort to crack.

We encourage everyone carrying the name Hejrovsky/Heyrovsky to send an e-mail to the webmaster, to have your record added.

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