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The primary goal of this site is to give a chance to anyone looking in the today's world of SPAM (which forces even the "for all your life" stable  e-mail addresses to change)  for a lost contact to some member of the family Hejrovsky/Heyrovsky.

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The secondary goal of this site is to provide links to web-projects and information related to the members of the family Hejrovsky / Heyrovsky.
We encourage everyone maintaining a web-project related to the name Hejrovsky/Heyrovsky to send an e-mail to the webmaster, to have
your link added.

In case you are looking for information about Prof. Jaroslav Heyrovsky (Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1959), follow one of these links:

 Jaroslav Heyrovsky - Biography at Nobel Prize organisation
Google search for Jaroslav Heyrovsky

(An answer to a common question: Yes, all the families of Hejrovsky / Heyrovsky do share common roots. They are in the Czech city of Rokycany, where their known history starts in 17-th century.)

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